August 2018 Gathering

Our August Gathering was held at Eatonton First United Methodist Church.   The folks there were so wonderful and accommodating, we really do appreciate them and all the others that assist with hosting our monthly gatherings.  We enjoyed a dinner of pulled chicken provided by member of the church and all of the wonderful sides from our awesome ORBEC community members.  The forth day speaker, Al Bassett was very inspiring and gave us all some things to think about.  As he spoke you could feel God talking through him.  As always, our 4th Day Band led the attendees with some very uplifting music.

Our donations for August that were collected at the gathering went to the organization, Out of Darkness of Middle Georgia.  As usual our community did not let us down.  Be watching for information on our September organization. 

The September gathering will be at Hopewell UMC in Milledgeville, GA.  More information to come.

Thanks to Diane Bassett for reporting on our Gatherings.






                                                   July 2018 Gathering
The July Gathering was held at New Life Community Church. Almost 60 community members and guest enjoyed an evening of fellowship and worship. It was great to see several new members to our community and also meet some future pilgrims. A big thank you to our own 4th Day Band who always welcomes us to worship time with such spiritual and uplifting music.

At theJuly gathering community members were asked to bring canned and non-perishable food items that were donated to the food pantry for Milledgeville Presbyterian Church. The picture below says it all about the support of our community. As part of the Emmaus way and mission, we will highlight a new organization to assist at each gathering. At our August gathering we will be assisting by bringing toiletry supplies for Out of Darkness of Middle Georgia. This organization was founded in January 2014 when a group of people God connected began praying for women caught up in the sex industry in our communities. Let us do what we can to assist this group in the Emmaus way. God Bless
If you are interested in giving a 4th day at a future gathering, please contact Diane Bassett at so that she can get you on the list for a future gathering.

Letter from First Presbyterian Church
Greetings in Christ,
Thank you for the many varied nutritional gifts you collected for First Presbyterian of Milledgeville’s food pantry! Your willingness to share with our community makes a difference in the lives who come to visit!
Your generosity is incredibly helpful!
First Presbyterian Church
210 South Wayne Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061

March 2017 Gathering
The March Gathering of the Oconee River Basin Walk to Emmaus Community was held at Milledgeville FUMC on Friday, March 10th. There were 50 members in attendance.
Fried chicken was provided by the Lamp Lighters Reunion Group. Covered dishes and desserts were provided by the membership in attendance. The meal was delicious, as usual.
Music was provided by our wonderful ORBEC Music Team and Singers. Praise and worship music lifted up the group for the Fourth Day Speaker as well as the Clergy Response.
Jeanene Vinson gave the Fourth Day Talk. She told of how she thought she just couldn’t fit another group into her schedule, but how much her Reunion Group, the had blessed her and how close all the members had become. She also told of what serving on the ORBEC Board of Servants as well as serving the Community in other ways has meant to her. Her Fourth Days are full of service to others.
Retired Rev. Mike Cavin, the ORBEC Board Spiritual Director for 2017, gave the Clergy Response. Assisted by his wife, Rev. Janet Cavin, Mike celebrated Holy Communion for the group.
The evening ended in singing and praising the Lord for all our many blessings. If you haven’t been to a Gathering, please come and gather with us in Christian Fellowship and love.
The Gathering for April will be held at Lone Oak Baptist Church. More information will follow.
De Colores



What a lovely, love-filled and joyous Gathering was held at FUMC of Greensboro on Carey Station Rd. on December 11. As it has done so many times, this church ,with its generous membership and leadership, hosted ORBEC for wonderful worship and fellowship.

There was a delicious meal served at the beginning of the evening. Ham and turkey were provided by the ladies of the Faith In Action Sunday School Class of FUMC, and the ORBEC Community brought covered dishes and desserts.

The music was provided by the ORBEC Music Team, accompanied by Diane Bassett and David Wallace. Songs of praise and Christmas Carols were included in the program.

Tim Collis shared his inspirational Fourth Day experience, and Rev. Mike Morgan of FUMC of Greensboro gave the Clergy Response. Holy Communion was celebrated by Rev. Morgan with the assistance of Rev. James Smith and Rev. Hugh Hendrickson.

If you haven’t been to a Gathering lately, come on back and enjoy the fellowship with the like-minded members of ORBEC.



The June Fundraiser was held on June 10th, and was a lovely evening. The turnout exceeded expectations, and the event was successful in raising more than $3600. in funds for ORBEC future walks.

Temperatures outside were in the 90s, but inside the fellowship hall at Greensboro FUMC at Carey Station, Emmaus members and their guests walked into a Christmas wonderland through a lovely arch and to tables decorated for Christmas. All the merriment was the creation of the Emmaus decorating team of Sandy Rudolph, Darlene Nicklow, Diane Bassett, Shirley Wiley, Ann Maddox and Linda Ervin.

The program started with the Music Director of Greensboro FUMC, Alexis Renee Ford, leading everyone in traditional Christmas songs. Greensboro FUMC Associate Pastor Hugh Hendrickson modeled his ugly Christmas sweater. Entertainment was provided by storyteller, Jim Martin. Jim attends Walker United Methodist Church. He shared, in a comical way, his growing up in Duluth, Georgia in the 40s with nine other siblings from his parents’ blended family. Christmas was a special time, and he got the same red wagon from Santa for three straight years! Needless-to say, his Dad was very creative.

Everyone enjoyed the delicious salmon or chicken meal prepared by our own Chef, James Pressley, and his helpers, Butch Thompson, Diane Bassett and Susie Pressley, Jane Lang, Ann Maddox, Nancy Wicker and Linda Ervin .

The silent auction was conducted by Ron Lang. It was a very successful addition to the Fundraiser. The desserts for the Dessert Contest were served by Celeste Pressley with her children, Emma, Sam, Annie, and Beau and Linda Ervin. Emma was also Santa from time to time. Each slice/serving of dessert cost $1 and was also an excellent money maker for the Fundraiser. The $100 gift certificate from Clothing Depot/Greensboro was won by Ann Maddox for the most votes for her banana pudding.

Jane Lang and Associate Pastor, Hugh Hendrickson, conducted the drawing for the Door Prize of a week in Highlands, NC. The winners were Ken and Susie Pressley.

The Fundraising Committee would like to thank everyone who helped make our Christmas in June event so successful. This was the result of the efforts of our wonderful Emmaus Community and the giving of their time, energies and ideas. We are grateful to each of you.

May 2016 Gathering


The afternoon was warm, the sky was clear, the breeze was ever so light, and about 80 members and guests of the Oconee River Basin Walk to Emmaus Community turned out for the May Gathering at Mike Rainey’s farm in Eatonton. What a beautiful location it is, and Mike is so very generous to host the Emmaus Community.

The Fisherman and Wayfarers Reunion Groups provided hot dogs, cooked onsite, and the fixins’ for the meal, and the Community brought various side dishes to accompany them. There was potato salad, various kinds of slaw, pasta salads, baked beans, chips, and a variety of desserts. Everyone present seemed to enjoy the meal.

ORBEC Lay Director, Shirley Wiley, welcomed the membership and asked that any guests with them be introduced. Again this month there was a large number of new members from Walks 13 and 14 which were held the first of April.

James Pressley updated the group on the progress of the current Fundraiser which is the focus of the June Gathering, called Christmas in June. He announced that there are a few tickets left for the dinner for two for the evening and a chance to win the Door Prize of a week’s stay in beautiful Highlands, NC. The cost for the ticket is $50.00. If you don’t want to participate in the drawing, the cost of the gourmet meal of either chicken or salmon will be $10.00. There will also be a Best Dessert Contest, and members were encouraged to enter their favorite dessert recipe.

Flo Douglas, ORBEC Team Selection Servant, asked that anyone who is interested in serving on Walk #15 or #16 next Spring see her before leaving, so that she can get their name and contact information. Flo also noted that the success of Walks #13 and #14 was the direct result of excellent sponsorship. She asked that all members be praying about the upcoming walks and who they know could benefit from them. Then pray for them.

Janet Kelhoffer announced that she and her husband, Dan, were in the process of establishing a Women’s and a Men’s Reunion Group at Eatonton FUMC. She asked for those interested to contact Dan or her for more information and to get in on the ground floor of the setting up of the two groups.

The music for the Gathering was provided by David Wallace, Jim Rudolph, Sandy Rudolph and Diane Bassett. They led those in attendance in a number of old hymns for the evening.

Susie Pressley was the Fourth Day speaker for this Gathering. She was asked to give the Fourth Day story of the Oconee River Basin Walk to Emmaus Community. She gave a short description of the origin of The Walk to Emmaus, and explained how it began as a Roman Catholic retreat and was adopted and adapted for use by Protestant churches in the United States. Susie shared some of the many blessings the Oconee River Basin Walk to Emmaus Community has received, including the generosity of many of its members, local churches, and the foresight of those members who decided to start ORBEC in 2011. She noted that in its six year existence, ORBEC has completed 14 Walks and is looking forward to many more.

Michael Stewart, ORBEC Community Spiritual Director, was assisted by retired Pastor, Ron Shornhorst and Hugh Hendrickson, Assistant Pastor of Greensboro FUMC, in celebrating Holy Communion. Michael’s message was about how the Holy Spirit and His testifying of Christ in us gives us the Fruit of the Spirit. He noted how the Fruit of the Spirit, likewise, works in marriage.

The May Gathering ended at dusk, with a beautiful horizon to complete a beautiful day, evening and ORBEC Gathering.

De Colores                                                                                                             SC

Special April Gathering 2016

Typically ORBEC doesn’t plan to hold a Gathering in the week after Walks to Emmaus weekends.  TO EVERY RULE THERE IS AN EXCEPTION.  There was a Gathering in April, following Walks #13 & 14, however, and it was EXCEPTIONAL.

There were 108 community members and visitors in attendance on April 15,  2016.  The Gathering was held at Milledgeville FUMC in Milledgeville, GA.  The ORBEC membership is blessed to be hosted by churches within the community and lovely local properties.  We are grateful for their hospitality.

The evening began with praise music and announcements.  The music was provided by Sandy Rudolph, Courtney Hitchcock, Tim Collis and Alan Deariso.  Susie Pressley welcomed the members and visitors, with a special welcome to the many new members from Walks #13 & 14 who were in attendance.  She announced a Fundraiser coming up in June, and turned the microphone over to James Pressley who explained the Fundraising plans.  See “What’s New” on the menu of this website for more information.  It’s exciting!

The dinner followed, with fried chicken provided by the ORBEC Board of Servants and wonderful side dishes and desserts, too numerous to name, provided by the membership.  Everyone appeared to enjoy the meal.

Charles and Diane Beasley gave a joint Fourth Day Talk.  They shared how they have taken Christ’s command to make Disciples seriously and how they have been blessed in doing so.

Holy Communion was celebrated by ORBEC Spiritual Director, Michael Stewart, assisted by retired pastors Mike Cavin and Ron Schornhorst.  Michael shared a message from the Biblical Book of Philemon.  He compared the story of Paul’s love of Onesimus, brother and slave of Philemon, to the love God has for His children.

The exception which was made to hold an April Gathering truly became an Exceptional one!  If you haven’t been attending Gatherings, you’re missing an integral step on your Walk To Emmaus. and an integral part of your Fourth Day.  Come and join your Oconee River Basin Emmaus Community at the next Gathering at Mike Rainey’s farm on Pea Ridge Road between Eatonton and Milledgeville on May 13th.

De Colores                                                                                                                                 S.C.



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