Fourth Day Blessings



Kairos is the extension of the Walk to Emmaus which focuses on those of God’s children who are imprisoned. Several men and women in the Oconee River Basin Walk to Emmaus Community are active in the Kairos Ministry in prisons within Georgia.

Some of the ORBEC men who are on a Kairos Team tell the story of “Cowboy”. He accepted Christ on Kairos Weekend #13 at Washington State Prison. He claims to have been a soul mate of Satan up until that time. He’s now a free man again and walking tall and strong with the Lord. He was paroled in December 2015.

These ORBEC members had the pleasure of spending time with “Cowboy” on Saturday, January 23rd. They were blessed to be witness to what has transpired in his life. He couldn’t stop giving praises for all the doors that have been opened to him. His church has embraced him, his neighbor has given him a job (albeit, a seasonal one) and even takes him back and forth to work. He is living at home with his mother in a small travel trailer, and anyone can see the Lord is living in him.

This group of men praises God for the redemption of “Cowboy”, and they ask that the Oconee River Basin Walk to Emmaus Community remember him in prayer as he continues his walk with the Lord. They joyfully continue this Fourth Day ministry, knowing that there are more like “Cowboy” who are in need of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

De Colores


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