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We are the Oconee River Basin Emmaus Community, and we are dedicated to those who are interested in strengthening their relationship with Jesus Christ, good news to those who are interested in serving God in this community, and a resource to those that are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ORBEC currently has two Men’s and two Women’s Walks to Emmaus per year in the Spring and Fall.  All of the Walks take place at the beautiful Collinswood of Aldersgate Camp in Buckhead, GA.

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The ORBEC Prayer Vigil still has openings just waiting for you to sign up to wrap Walks #13 & #14 in constant and consistent prayer over the next two weekends.  Currently the Men’s Walk Prayer Vigil has openings for 73 prayers for the Pilgrims, the team, the staff of Rock Eagle and the families of those serving and attending .  The Women’s Walk currently has 94 openings.  Please sign up  now.

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